Equipment Hire

Over the years Canterbury Youth Services has collected a lot of equipment that are really useful for youth organisations to have access too!

A little bit of helpful info: 

  • All hiring prices are per hire, meaning if you hire an item for an extended time and are using for multiple events then you will be charged per event

  • When hiring anything there is an agreement that if the item is broken/unclean the bond will be lost

Get in contact with the CYS office to enquire about availability


Candy Floss Machine x2 - $75 hire fee (each)- $100 bond. 
Comes with: candy floss colouring, a pouring scoop, stirring stick & instructions. (You will need to provide the sugar and serving bags/sticks).

Vintage Bunting - $10 hire fee - $50 bond. 
Roughly 80 metres of colourful bunting on rustic rope. 

Trestle Tables - $10 hire fee each - $30 bond.
Either wooden or plastic standard sized trestle tables. 


Fluro Vests - $1 each hire fee - $0 bond. 
$10 replacement fee per vest if lost/damaged. 

Portable Speakers (1) - $50 hire fee - $100 bond.
                               (both) - $75 hire fee - $150 bond.
Portable speakers with handle and wheels. Speaker unit has a CD player, 2x wireless hand held microphones, mp3 player input (cable provided). It also has ability for 2 mins/XLR inputs (cables not provided for this). Speaker 2 links to speaker 1 for stereo system. Comes with speaker stands. 

Hungry Hippos - $30 hire fee - $30 bond.
Human sized hungry hippos. Comes with 4x wheelie boards with rope, 100x coloured balls & 4 coloured baskets. 

Hungry Hippos.jpg

Projector - $50 hire - $50 bond. 
Acer projector with carry case, power cord and VGA cable (to plug into a computer). 

Festoons (Black) - $20 hire fee - $50 bond. 
23m with 8m lead (15m of bulbs).  16 lights with your choice of coloured or white bulbs. 

White Festoons.jpg

Festoons (White) - $20 hire fee - $50 bond. 
23m with 5m lead (18m of bulbs).  21 lights with your choice of coloured or white bulbs. 

Festoons (Black) - $20 hire fee - $50 bond. 
10m of LED bulbs.

LED Festoons.jpg