CYS is the parent organisation to Strengths Network South Pacific. The Strengths Network exists to establish and develop the CliftonStrengths Revolution in the South Pacific. Please visit the Strengths Network site for more information.  

About CliftonStrengths

CliftonStrengths is a tool developed by Gallup University to identify our top 5 Strengths . What would happen if everyone in the world started from the perspective of “what’s right” with people as opposed to “what’s wrong” and what needs to be fixed?  

What would happen if our organisations all found what we did best and built their teams with this in mind? For example: After working with youth workers for years, we  began to realise that the average length of time a youth worker/pastor stayed in their role, was a couple of years.  We realised that to grow healthy Youth Organisations, we needed to change this. It became apparent that youth workers were being employed for their strengths, (relationship building) but reviewed and disciplined for their weaknesses. The common frustrations of their bosses were, where are their reports, their receipts, their 10 year plans and why don’t they want to be in the meetings organised each week?

By understanding each other’s strengths, we have been able to help teams recognize “what’s right” with each other and leverage these things to build a cohesive and vibrant team, where each person is recognized and acknowledged for their unique strengths. Obviously – we are not designed to be able to be great at everything, so this tool then equips the team to be able to partner with each other and “borrow” strengths from each other to get the job done. When individuals get to do what they do best, they are not only more efficient, but their engagement to their organization and the quality of their work increases. CliftonStrengths is a registered trademark of Gallup. © All Rights Reserved